“BlokCam is one of the best investments London Tower Cranes has made. The quality, ability and value of their camera system is second to none. We have found the BlokCam to be an invaluable asset for the crane operators, lifting teams and business as a whole.”

 Martin Harvey, Managing Director, London Tower Cranes

“We choose to use BlokCam camera systems on our tower cranes for several reasons. Firstly, the quality of the cameras is excellent, they are fit for purpose on busy construction sites where things can get knocked easily.

“Secondly, the team at BlokCam really know their stuff. They understand the construction and crane industry and therefore they have built a product that meets our needs precisely. The BlokCam system is an invaluable asset to our business, improving health and safety for our employees, our clients and everyone on site, as well as offering better unobstructed views for our crane operators from inside the cab.

“Technology such as this is certainly the future of crane operations as far as we are concerned.”

 Edward Seager, Managing Director, Bennetts

“Radius NFT owns and rents out several BlokCam systems to its customers. The safety benefits are being identified by our customers and their clients, so much so, that some are now implementing the use of BlokCam as a minimum requirement.”

 Teddy Holt, Operations Director, Radius Crane Management Ltd

“BlokCam has provided us with an innovative product that is well built with the service to back it up.”

 Rupert Cook, Associate Service Director, Falcon Tower Crane Service Ltd

“HTC started working with BlokCam in 2015 – on first impressions we were very impressed by the level of expertise and professionalism of this company. We are proud to work in partnership with BlokCam and are delighted with the service which we are able to provide to our customers. It is great to work with such a forward-thinking and proactive company. BlokCam’s experience and knowledge of the crane industry has allowed them to develop and offer the highest quality system on the market. Therefore, we are looking forward to many more years of working together.”

 Elliott Simpson, Accessories Manager, WOLFF Onsite

“At BAM, health and safety is our highest priority. BlokCam crane cameras help to ensure that crane operators on our sites have an unobstructed view of blind spots from inside the cab. We are very happy with the service & support we receive from the BlokCam team.”

 Mike Whitfield, Operations Manager, BAM Construction Ltd


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