X3L Crane Camera System | Crosby BlokCam

X3L Crane Camera System

Blokcam is designed to be easy and quick to install to tower cranes - it can be fitted in an hour, giving you the sight and sounds you need to operate safely and efficiently.



  • Easy and quick to install; can be fitted within an hour
  • Uses high powered neodymium magnets
  • The lens is auto-focus and always gives clear views of the load and surrounding area below the hook
  • HD 1080p resolution
  • Audio from sensor to cab
  • Optional single and split screen mode with additional cameras
  • Long range transmission 5
  • Record on loop for up to 30 days
  • Purpose built aluminium housing
  • Multiple built in lanyard anchors
  • Safety lanyard provides secondary security tethering
  • Hands free operation
  • Multi positional sensor for variable views
  • LED indicators
  • Two batteries per system
  • Non hazardous battery
  • 12 hour battery life 3
  • Multivoltage AC and DC inputs
  • Durable all-weather design, manufactured to IP67 4 rating
  • -20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F) operating temperature
  • Optional mobile app and 4G live streaming 2
  • CE and FCC Approved
  • High quality industrial connectors
  • Colour coded connectors


X3L BlokCam



Sensor (S5)

The S5 is a 113° wide angle lens. The low profile design, tool free operation and rotatable lens allows for easy installation on any side of the hook block including in between the cheek plates.

  • HD 1080p resolution
  • 113° Viewing angle
  • Tool free rotatable lens. Install vertically on any face of the hook block
  • Omni directional audio sensor
  • Permanent neodymium magnets
  • Purpose built aluminium housing
  • Built in lanyard anchors
  • low profile design
  • IP67 4
  • CE and FCC approved


HEIGHT: 100mm (3.94 in) WIDTH: 75mm (2.95 in) DEPTH: 69mm (2.72 in) WEIGHT: 2250g (4.96 lbs)
Transmitter T3

Transmitter (T3)

T3 dramatically improves the most important aspects of the BlokCam. The combination of performance, specification, aesthetics and 71mm low profile design make this a must for all crane operations.

  • Audio from hook to cab
  • Record
  • Permanent neodymium magnets
  • High quality industrial connectors
  • Long range transmission5
  • Purpose built aluminium housing
  • Multiple lanyard anchors
  • 71mm low profile
  • 4G live streaming 2
  • Mobile app
  • LED indicators
  • IP67 4


HEIGHT: 128mm (5.04 in) WIDTH: 170mm (6.69 in) DEPTH: 71mm (2.8 in) WEIGHT: 2250g (4.96 lbs)
B6 Battery

Battery (B6)

B6 is a non-hazardous 14.54v Battery Pack. The clever tool-free design and easy grip finger slots make it easy to install, remove and charge.

  • Two Batteries with every system
  • Permanent neodymium magnets
  • Purpose built aluminium housing
  • Easy grip finger slots
  • Easy to install, remove and charge
  • Easy access fuse
  • Multiple lanyard anchors
  • Rechargeable with Li-Ion charger
  • 65mm low profile
  • 12-hour operating time 3
  • IP67


HEIGHT: 140mm (5.51 in) WIDTH: 105mm (4.1 in) DEPTH: 65mm (2.55 in) WEIGHT: 1930g (4.25 lbs)

Battery charger (B6-CH3)

B6-CH3 is a 4 cell Li-Ion battery charger. It has 3 step charge control with current detection as charge termination. Input voltage 90-264 VAC LED Charge Indicator (Orange – Fast charge, Yellow – Top-off charge, Green – Charged).

  • 1.8m cable
  • IP41


HEIGHT: 107mm (4.21in) WIDTH: 67mm (2.64in) DEPTH: 36.5mm (1.44in) WEIGHT: 250g (0.55lbs)
BlokCam-Repeater R5

Repeater (R5)

Depending on the crane type and required installation the Repeater is mounted on the jib, boom tip or cab. The Repeater has been specifically designed for fast, wireless, telescopic deployment.

  • Multiple mounting options for universal deployment
  • Multiple lanyard anchors
  • High quality industrial connectors
  • Designed for fast, wireless and telescopic deployment
  • Long range transmission5
  • 58mm low profile design
  • Purpose built aluminium housing
  • IP67


HEIGHT: 128mm (5.04in) WIDTH: 170mm (6.69in) DEPTH: 58mm (2.28in) WEIGHT: 1930g (4.25lbs)

Monitor (M2)

Our HD Monitor is a 10.1 inch 16:9 LCD monitor with built in speakers and a HDMI input. It has a 1280 x 800 pixel panel with automatic brightness control.

  • Rugged design
  • 10.1 inch display
  • HD 1080p resolution
  • Built in speakers


HEIGHT: 170mm (6.69in) WIDTH: 250mm (9.84in) DEPTH: 29.6mm (1.17in) WEIGHT: 560g (1.24lbs)
Processor P3

Processor (P3)

Our purpose built Processor can project multiple high definition images and audio’s through a single HDMI lead with less than 0.2 seconds of latency. The design of the Processor accomodates multivoltage AC and DC inputs making your BlokCam system compatible across all types of cranes. The Processor also provides power to the monitor, eliminating the need for a secondary socket or power supply.

  • Multiple mounting options for universal deployment
  • Plug and play
  • Low latency
  • Single and split screen modes
  • Multi voltage AC and DC inputs
  • Purpose built aluminium housing
  • Built in lanyard anchors
  • Colour coded inputs for fool proof installation


HEIGHT: 121mm (4.76in) WIDTH: 190mm (7.48in) DEPTH: 161mm (6.34in) WEIGHT: 3800g (8.38lbs)
1. Subject to Crane Make/Model.
2. Subject to availability of a suitable mobile network, data charges apply.
3. Battery life varies by use and configuration.
4. IP67 rating excludes IP65 audio sensor.
5. Transmission distance may vary depending on environment.
*Actual product may differ from rendered image.