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Kito Crosby is the global leader of the lifting and securement industry it pioneered, and for which it continues to set the quality standard. With global engineering, manufacturing, distribution, and operations, the company provides a broad range of products and solutions for the most demanding applications. Our iconic brands include Kito, Crosby, Harrington, Gunnebo Industries, and Peerless. Kito Crosby’s people, products, solutions, and service have innovated the lifting and securement industry for more than 250 years. Together we lift and secure the world today, for a safer, stronger, and more productive tomorrow. We believe the crane is the heart of the construction site and understand the value of keeping the lifting crew and all site personnel safe and operational. We improve communication and overall awareness during lifting operations using advanced audio-visual technology. We manufacture high-quality, purpose-built hook-mounted safety systems.

What is Blokalert?

BlokAlert is a wireless, audio-visual warning system that can be quickly and easily deployed to the hook block of a crane.

When activated by the lifting crew, the BlokAlert receiver gives out a recognisable audio-visual signal that can be seen and heard by site personnel in proximity to the hook block or load.

This forewarns the workforce to the position and movements of the hook block, increases awareness and reduces the risk of being struck by the crane’s hook block, lifting accessories or load.

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What is Blokcam?

BlokCam is a wireless system that can be quickly and easily deployed to the hook block or boom tip of a crane.

The sound and view from below the camera is then transmitted and received wirelessly via the antenna systems to a screen in the cab.

This allows the operator to see and hear the load and surroundings, giving an unobstructed, live, audio-visual feed of the critical areas that working in the blind would never allow.

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