Case Study

BlokCam at Europe’s Largest Infrastructure Project

BlokCam has been adopted and installed on sites across Europe’s largest infrastructure project.

BlokCam worked closely with H&S Advisors and the site lifting teams comprising of the Appointed Persons, Supervisors, Operators and Slinger Signallers.

Here is some feedback from the team.

  • Slingers and Operators stated it was an “extra pair of eyes and ears and speeds up and clarifies radio communication by visualisation”
  • Operators were able to “see potential hazards that may have otherwise gone unseen”
  • “Lifting times were quicker and made previous blind lifts visible to the operator, even when the load itself creates a blind spot to the operator”
  • Operators were also able to “see the attachment method and the type and quality of the slinging prior to lift.”
    They were impressed with “good, quality clear picture from within the cab”
  • Slinger Signaller could “revert to hand signals to improve communication”



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