Maximize Crane Safety, improve vision.

BlokCam helps maximize safety below the Hook Block and/or Boom tip by giving the operator additional “Eyes and Ears where you need them” helping to reduce working in the blind.


Reducing The Hazards

A high percentage of tower crane related injuries are caused by uncontrolled loads striking personnel in the area surrounding the hook block; this is an extremely hazardous area where 21% of injuries occur. With BlokCam fitted the operator now has eyes and ears in that zone to make the necessary corrections to avoid any incidents.


Confirming Load Security

BlokCam allows the operator to view and hear the load and surrounding area, confirming the balance and security before starting the lift. This confirms the communication with the banks-men and also helps keep the utilisation of the equipment to a maximum without any delayed lifts and re-slinging. Rigging/Slinging failures account for 10% of crane related incidents.


Reducing Blind Lifting

The highest factor in many below the hook accidents occur in blind lift situations where the operator is completely reliant on the radio communications, which can fail for a number of reasons, leaving a delay in the message and a potential incident happening. BlokCam reduces blind lifting by giving the operator live audio and video footage and the ability to see and hear what’s going on below the hook and around the load.


Improved Communication

The crane operator can now have eyes and ears from the block allowing detailed views of the load, site and it’s surroundings. This provides the ability to communicate to the banks-men, slingers and signallers with any information necessary to move from point to point in a more controlled environment and enhances the ability to communicate more efficiently.


Helping Reduce Stress

Crane operators have a lot of responsibility when operating a crane; long shifts in difficult conditions can cause additional stress, especially in all weather conditions. BlokCam helps to reduce this stressful activity by verifying the radio communications, bringing the operators that step closer to being in touching range of the load and site areas with a visual view that confirms the loads security, balance and any hazards below and around the load


Reduce Impacts & Collisions

Modern construction sites are becoming more and more congested and as buildings are going higher, crane operators are required to place their loads in even more restricted and tighter areas than before. The probability of impacts and collisions are still as great if not more so. Having BlokCam fitted with its clear and uninterrupted Audio Visual feed allows the operator to respond to any adjustments to avoid any potential accidents before they happen, allowing for a safer and more productive lift.


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