Improve productivity, improve the bottom line.

Along with maximising safety, BlokCam delivers multiple productivity enhancements, helping crane utilization and efficiency.


Improve Lifting times

With BlokCam giving a close up view of the load below the hook and surrounding area, the operator will have more situational awareness, allowing an increase in speed and accuracy in all scenarios. This will improve the lift efficiency and reduce time in task completion. This increase in productivity could be measured in hundreds of man-hours saved and a more controlled utilisation of equipment.


Recorded Results

According to a university study in the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, having a camera system installed on a crane can help increase productivity by up to 39% in the blind and 27% in the open as a direct result.


Helping Hand

The operator now has the added advantage with the BlokCam system fitted as a visual aid to help position the hook block into the required position whilst working in tandem with the instructions given by the banks-men/slinger over the radio, complimenting and confirming the correct position, keeping a steady flow of continued and sustainable lifting tasks helping to increase the productivity.


Adjustments and corrections

BlokCam allow an operator’s experience to be maximised and put to use in critical lifts, whilst providing visual and audible information, contextual awareness and aid communication with the banks-man. Imagine driving a car blindfolded while the passenger directs you where to go, when to stop and how fast to move, it would be a difficult, dangerous and stressful task to complete. Now imagine how much safer and efficient the driver can manoeuvre without the blindfold? The operator can quickly make adjustments required to minimise corrections and overshoots and help improve the productivity.


Return on the Bottom Line

With BlokCam fitted, the benefits of improved communication and maximised safety all play their part in the contribution to the greater efficiency and enhancement to the productivity of the lifting tasks on any site. If you can reduce blind lifting and reduce any corrections and overshoots you will see a drastic improvement in the overall bottom line of that projects lifting plan.


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